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Not a course. Not a guide. Frontlist is software that builds on your goals.

The self-publishing process is gnarly. To get a book from “I have an idea” to “it’s published!” an author has to complete 60-80 milestones spanning multiple vendors, wade through conflicting information spread willy-nilly across the internet, and all without getting fleeced by predators in the author services industry.

That's ridiculous. Instead, let Frontlist plan out your entire launch timeline, track your launch date, collect the reviews, run the promos, and help you write your blurbs… and give you the right information based on your goals.

Screenshot of Frontlist's in-app timeline
Screenshot of Frontlist's in-app timeline

What Is Frontlist?
A Letter From the Founder

What Is Frontlist ?
Letter from the Founder

Book launches have many moving pieces and tons of deadlines. They also have all of our hopes and dreams tied up in them!

There are already tons of courses, guides and checklists out there. But you know what I want? Something that does all the grunt work for me so I can focus on the important parts, like connecting with my readers.

Welcome to Frontlist, the result of an indie author who spent a long time detangling the book launch process, and who is now building an app to automate it (yes- automate!).

Come join me on this magical, mystery book-launch ride,

Tara Kelly, CEO


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